Willpower Harris

Mission Statement

Be the difference maker for people seeking self-improvement now.

About Our Founder


Willpower Harris is the international best-selling author of Willpower Now and Power Prospecting. As Managing Director of Willpower Consultation, his firm specializes in strategic sales training and management consultation. Willpower Harris’ professional background includes working for Zig Ziglar and Motorola as the Director of Global Sales Training. His personal background includes creating the Willpower Humanitarian Foundation; leading humanitarian efforts for women empowerment, child education and poverty.

Willpower Harris consults with top tier organizations including Intel, Motorola, Scansource, US Dept. of Energy, Avaya and Verizon. Willpower trains an average of 250 direct, channel, and inside sales people a year in the USA and UK.

Our Philosophy

Willpower’s brand reaches different segments of society focusing on the areas of sales, success and the human spirit. Each organization started by Willpower Harris focuses on the same core values and operates as a unified conglomerate in fulfilling the Willpower Mission Statement.

Willpower Five Core Values